The most beautiful 9 months of women’s life....full of excitement and bit of apprehension. At Blossoms we promise to make you sail through those 9 months in most comfortable & enjoyable way.

Women are given full information regarding their trimesters of pregnancy; minor issues like morning sickness, causes and simple measures are discussed. Also information regarding possible complication like bleeding, threatened abortions, pre-term labour are explained & dealt with.

At La Mom Miiracles even the high risk pregnancies like diabetes in pregnancy, B P with pregnancy, Twins, IVF pregnancies are managed in most efficient manner.

Dr. Anita Singh is attached to most of the major hospitals with best of NICU facilities if need a rises. Painless delivery:

Painless delivery is when a woman is given epidural analgesia i.e. a injection is given in back to stop the sensation of pain i.e. the woman gets uterine contractions but cannot feel the pain.

Painless delivery, we do not make it 100% pain free, generally only 80% relief is offered as some sensation is required for the final push when baby is about to deliver. It can be given only when the woman is in active phase of labour i.e. dilatation is around 3 cm. We have specialised doctor i.e. an Anaesthetist who gives the epidural analgesia.

It is generally very safe & effective.